Thinking- World Most Difficult Job!

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“Man can alter his life by altering his thinking”.

-William James

The Cambridge dictionary defined “thinking” as the activity of using your mind to consider something.

We are over 7.5 billion humans on earth and it’s quite fascinating to know that as we different in races, sexes, culture and identity, so we are in thought patterns and unique in our own way of thinking. We don’t think about same thing in exactly the same way.

To further buttress this point, Cognitive neuroscientist Geraint Rees, a professor at the Wellcome Trust Center for Neuroimaging at University College London—undoubtedly the world’s leading fMRI center—published a trio of studies that relates differences in the way people experience things with differences in gross aspects of their cerebral neocortex, the highly convoluted part of the forebrain that crowns the brains of all mammals.- "Consciousness Redux: Think Different" in SA Mind 21, 6, 16-17 (January 2011)doi:10.1038/scientificamericanmind0111-16.

There is literally nothing we want to do or action to be carried out without it first going through the thought process, it’s just that some actions have been conditioned to save us immediately from harm as in form of reflex actions and conditioned action needed for day to day survival as the human body need not go through some stress in order to keep you going except you over power such immediate action even with your thoughts and will power. A quick example can be stepping on a nail, and without thinking, you can immediately remove your hurting feet, yet someone can step on same nail knowingly and decide to leave his leg there. Off course, no sane person would like to be in such discomforting situation.

So when it comes to deliberate and possibly life changing decisions which covers businesses, academic career, family planning and others to mention but a few, one would need to think in the direction desiring and soothing for him or her.

“As a man thinketh in His heart so is he”- Proverbs 23:7. King James Version of the Holy Bible.



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